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Sunday, April 15, 2012

You know you blog too much if …

  • You have the OCSCS (Obsessive-Compulsive Stats Check Syndrome) and you are quite … obsessive about it.
  • You have more than one niche blog/hub/lens/barrel.
  • You had a talk with your significant half/BF/GF/Just-Friends about you quitting blogging at least once.
  • You demanded more time for blogging regardless.
  • You actually won with dozens of arguments.
  • You use Creative Commons licensed pictures all the time
  • You license lot of your work under Creative Commons to encourage backlinks.
  • You know the significance of good backlinks.
  • You know what “rel=nofollow” means and don’t post there.
  • You use almost all Google tools. Almost.
  • You are member of ALL social networks.
  • You don’t use them for social contacts at all.
  • You have MANY contacts in the social networks (they are in  4 or 5 digits).
  • You can’t name any single one of them (of course) but use groups and circles instead.
  • You use “View page source” very often and know exactly where to look.
  • You can tell what blogging platform is a site using.
  • You can also tell the theme used in the blog without much thinking.
  • You can distil the essence of a blog post/article for less than a minute, regardless it is 7000 words long.
  • You can spin another article from it, but prefer not to do it.
  • You can pinpoint a SPAM post in comments for a fraction of the second.
  • You arranged blocking and banning of at least one SPAM site.
  • You arranged closing of at least one content scrapping site (or article).
  • You have at least one FAN mail.
  • You have at least one HATE mail.
  • You are quite good at SEO basics and don’t need a plugin anymore.
  • You can say what keyword  is most used in the article without using SEO tools.
  • You know exactly how much this keyword pays.
  • You can implement a repeating keyword in an article without making it look like pure spam.
  • You know your top 10 keywords and how they rank in Google.
  • You have so much tools attached to your browser’s toolbar, that you need 2 or 3 toolbars.
  • You can distinguish Commercial Blog with just a glimpse, even without disabling AD blocker.
  • You have more than 10 blog articles about blogging in your own blog.
  • You have RSS subscriptions to all major bloggers in you niche.
  • You know them by name.
  • You actually speak to them by name.
  • You cross-guest posted with at least half dozen of them.
  • You know your Google’s PUB-ID or at least its last 5 digits.
  • You manage to make blog topics while having conversation with your friends.
  • You sometimes even take notes while doing this :D
  • You can make “10 bullets how to” article from a friends’ question.
  • You actually often do this just because you don’t  have anything interesting to blog about.
  • You already experience writer’s block on monthly basis.
  • You post at least 2 times per week, regardless of the block.
  • You know how a 500 words long and 1500 words long articles impact search results.
  • You actually understood everything I am bullet-listing and nod and smile all the time It matches your own style ;)
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