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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At Parting

Since we through war awhile must part 
Sweetheart, and learn to lose 
Daily use 
Of all that satisfied our heart: 
Lay up those secrets and those powers 
Wherewith you pleased and cherished me these two years: 

Now we must draw, as plants would, 
On tubers stored in a better season, 
Our honey and heaven; 
Only our love can store such food. 
Is this to make a god of absence? 
A new-born monster to steal our sustenance? 

We cannot quite cast out lack and pain. 
Let him remain-what he may devour 
We can well spare: 
He never can tap this, the true vein. 
I have no words to tell you what you were, 
But when you are sad, think, Heaven could give no more. 

Anne Barbara Ridler

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