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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Top 10 powerful ways you can use sugarsync

To be honest, I’m a Dropbox addict man. But with the free 5GB  initial offering, and being able to sync and backup any folder on my computer, I got hooked with Sugarsync.
And yes, the sending of files of any size to anyone and anytime is also a plus factor for me.
If you are not a Sugarsync user yet, you’ve better be in now and be amazed with the features unheard of from other competitors.

Here are the Top 10 Powerful Ways You can Use Sugarync
1.Back up and secure your data (you never know when your computer will crash)
2.Access all of your files on the go (from any browser or mobile phone)
3.Share entire folders and collaborate on projects
4.Send large files you usually (try to) email or FTP
5.Share high res photo galleries with friends and families
6.Stream your entire music collection
7.Take pictures with your iPhone, auto-sync them to your computer
8.Open, edit and save office docs with your Blackberry
9Work from home, without having to lug around your work computer
10Restore all your data if your computer crashes or is stolen
You can also share your pictures from SugarSync to Facebook! Some bloggers are even using their account as an extension of their web server. They upload their images on Sugarsync and hot link it to their existing web host.

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