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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wise Words

 A.  Speech honest friend who is greater than the cost of property inherited from their ancestors.  (Ali bin Abi Talib)

 2.  Nothing is more sharply than the human tongue.  So sharp so as to damage the brotherhood, spreading slander and destroy people.  (Imam al-Ghazali)

 3.  It is not lawful for Muslims to cease friendship with his brother more than three nights.  They met, then a turn and turn the other also.  The best among them are starting to say hello.  (Word of the Prophet.)

 4.  Do not make enemies of friends as a friend, simply because it means you have against your friends.  (Ali bin Abi Talib)

 5.  An amazing thing to a human is if there is someone who violates the honor of his brother in the back but in front of him appeared to love him and praise him.  Whoever thinks that Allah swt.  love him, while he 
was in the back drop of honor someone else then he lied.  Because, ultimately he is the devil, and Satan is the enemy of God.  (Bishr Al-Hafi)

 6.  If you want the most delicious food, best clothes, and the grandest house to yourself, but you do not want the same things for your co-religionists , then you have lied claiming to have perfect faith.  (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani)

 7.  Unity in a society produces tranquility in all activities, while hostile to each other causing it to stop all activities.  (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi)

 8.  Do not be friends with people who are greedy, because at face he wants make you happy but actually he will  hurt you.  Do not be friends with people who are miserly, because he will  forget you at the time you really need it.  And stay away from making friends with people who like to do evil, because he is not ashamed to sell you a very cheap price.  (Ali bin Abi Talib)

 9.  make friendship to  a good person, surely you will like them.  And stay away from people who behave badly, you shall be spared from the consequences of their actions.  (Ali bin Abi Talib)

 10.  Honor your friend with the glory that is sustainable.  If not, 
then it will bring your glory to the case that will cut the friendship.  (Imam Abdullah bin Alwi al-Haddad al-Husaini)

 11.  Humans are the most vulnerable people who are unable to make friends, and the weakest person than it is a waste of a friend who had acquired.  (Imam al-Ghazali)

 12.  The book is a friend who does not speak ahead of you, talk to friends who do not call you while you work, talk to friends who do not make you dress up when the deal, a mate who does not adore, friends that are not boring, and advisors who do not find fault.  (Ahmad ibn Ismail)

 13.  By God that my soul was in his hand, one does not believe until he loves for his brother as he loves himself.  (Word of the Prophet.)

 14.  Someone will be like his friends, then consider who should be accompanied.  (Word of the Prophet.)

 15.  What will you hide in the hearts exposed to the gaze.  A Muslim is the mirror of his brother.  (Abbas As-Siisiy)
 16.  Four things that cause the dark heart, the stomach is too full, make friends with people unjustly, forgetting the sins that have been done, and the length of wishful thinking (dreaming about something that is not possible).  (Abdullah bin Mas'ud)

 17.  Thou shalt not ask about someone's character, but ask who his closest friends.  Therefore, any friends  like to follow the actions of the companion.  (Adi bin Zayd)

 18.  Hook up with a good moral person.  Therefore, people are always with you will be relatives.  Therefore, be careful to make friends.  (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani)
 19.  Whoever searched vices of others, then he will not have any friends.  (Ash-Sya'bi)
 20.  Smile on your brother is charity.  (Word of the Prophet.)

 21.  Whoever opened the mistakes of others, it would be open up errors of his descent.  Whoever unsheathe the sword of injustice, then he will be killed with him.  He who digs a well for his brother to got into it, 
then he himself would later fall into it.  (Al-Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq)
 22.  Does not include a strong personality, if a trader takes benefit
 of his close friends.  (Rabi'a Al-Adawiyah)

 23.  If you know that your brother slipped and sinned, then straighten and beg to God that God would forgive him and let him be the devil.  (Umar bin Khattab)

 24.  Shaking handr can measure the distance between two hearts.  (Abbas As-Siisiy)

 25.  Who is reconciling the two people who are disputing, then Allah will give reward for every sentence uttered the same as free a slave.  (Anas bin Malik)

 26.  Interactions affect the upbringing of the brain.  Therefore, for 
the cleanliness of the soul let people hang out with the JV-civilized 
and noble-minded so that we can quote the benefits.  (Hamka) 

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