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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Prayer From Husband To Wife

In the name of Allah the most merciful and beneficent
ooh  my Lord God ...
Forgive my sins I have done
Bestow  me with the unlimited patience 
You give me the mental strength
You grant me the pleasure of nature
You guard my tongue from  useless manner
You strengthen my spirit through all your examination
You give me love of fellow human nature
Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim .....
Had my wife is thy choice over the Throne
Give me strength and confidence to continue with
Grant me the nature of love and pleasure for all actions
Had my wife is an angel to me in Your heaven
Pour me with patience and tenderness of nature to deal with him
Nurture the behavior and words that may
hurt her feelings
Had ...
my wife is dating so blessed by You
Give me patience to deal with any behavior
Oh God ... God is Aware of all things..
You are well acquainted with what is best for me
You're also the Most Forgiving and oversight of all the sins I've done
Had I made the decision .
Lead me to the path that you pleased
If I were remiss in my responsibilities as a husband..
Punish me in the world but not in your hereafter
Had I broken the law and lawless
Give me directions towards mercy
Ya Allah
Indeed I was weak with no clue..
I'm blind without your guidance..
I'm handicapped without your guidance
I was humiliated without mercy..
Ya Allah .. the One who turn the heart right or left
Take my heart and spirit
I deal with all  brunt of adversity
Make me a dear husband along with my wife
Open to me to live up to your religion
Guide me to be the best for her husband
Only I beg of Thee O God of all hope
Because I let go with any decision
Because I realize the baseness 
Because I am a weak man who is often mistaken
because  I often forget the beauty of this world
Due to my lackness  of patience from you exams
Ya Allah ..
Surely this is just me , the poor weak servant
Pour my household with love
Make my household as  peaceful household 
I beg pardon to thee, O God, for all the sins I have done
Amen, amen Yes Rabbal Allamin..

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