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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yes I am Stealing Your Content.

From the first time i created this blog "Islam For All", I drew the plan to widen the market of my blog's readers
by the slogan "Above and for All classes" or "Über und fûr alle Klassen", i try to show to everyone who comes and visits my blog that the religion is not always referring to "worshipping" matters ansich. But it totally includes the ways of life, mutual interaction of all human being, regardless the religion, social class, ethnict etc.
Through the blog , we automatically have declared to share everything we have to exchange with the other interest, hope,or maybe just attention from the readers. Because sharing is beautiful and strengthen between two persons.
Through the blog, we shortened the distance which for many thousands years never be achieved by human. So let's the distance goes shorter and shorter. I have noticed some blogs keep the distance fearing the information inside the article will be stolen and warned other blog (its me) will be impeached or some other words. I did copy and paste but i always write down the link and author, unfortunately , few days ago I forgot this action and I, therefore ,gentlemanly ask for forgiveness and ready to renew the posting with attaching the Link and of course  the author too.
Actually, beginning from this era , lets spread the knowledge as fast as well as wide as possible so it will reach every corner of the world because our time is not much as the problem continue to pile up with the help of "everyone" in this planet in order to eliminate our shortage in distributing this.  And  furthermore we do not know when this internet era will end .
We must notify that everything which has the beginning has the end too.No one in this planet could guarantee the condusiv athmosphere of internet relationship will continue all the time.Should We can not afford help to the poor, but we offered them the gate of wealth to come in, Should we can not teach the people ,through the blog we can teach the world. Every knowledge transfered and used by others sourced from our "works" will never fade away without rewards. Therefore let's use this moment to get our relationship closer and closer.
If someone Insist to remove the articles belongs to him which i have copied and pasted to my blog after i attaching  the link and author,
I'd better to say:
Yes I am Stealing your Content


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