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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Best Comment over Israel Nuclear Weapon: klill the dragon with sword


Those who gave over 250 or unknown warheads to Zionist Israel were French-UK and Americans, they gave and believe on fabricated evil story of Armedogan. Today Germany gave 3 rd nuclear capable submarines to Israel to use their Nuclear weapon against Iran or any where? Can anyone imagine the chicken brain of these evil politicians in Germany and allies to give a pistol in the hands of a monkey or a child? On other side these hypocrites cry on a Iran who doesn’t want to make such evil mass destruction weapon. Iran says, I am capable to kill the beast without nuclear weapon, like St George killed the dragon with the sword???? Jews are the people who made concentration Camps of Auschwitz in the name of Nazis, today the same Germans give weapons of mass destruction to devil. World is facing a serious problem today from children of satan, we have only one choice to defend and fight against these Messenic-Zionist.

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