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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The danger of Israel

Here Israel sits with 200 plus nukes, against all international law, against all IAEA rules and regulations and against all logic and reason. While, Iran has a civilian nuclear program for power generation and treating patients, which is fully monitored by IAEA and zero diversion has occured and U.S,IAEA and even Israeli experts have said so. And on Western media they make Iran out to be the threat? Western media is a disgraceful joke. Further, the notion that Iranians and it's leadership are Religious ... who want to make a nuke and bomb Israel the second they do is as ... a thing to be selling on Western media as flying ... yet they do every second 24/7. Almost all Iranian leaders are extremely well educated and rational people,who to this day have never attacked any nation,never dropped drones on Civilians unlike most Western Leaders, who's parents paid for their University Certificate and have massacred millions of civilians overseas.(Press Tv/Fact/Comment)

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