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Friday, May 11, 2012

During Your Sermons People Slept

A priest and a taxi driver both died and went to heaven. Angel Ridlwan (Heaven's gate guard) was at the Pearly gates waiting for them.
“Come with me”, said  Angel Ridlwan  to the taxi driver.
The taxi driver did as he was told and followed  Angel Ridlwan  to a mansion. It hadanything you could imagine from a bowling alley to an Olympic size pool.
“Wow, thank you”, said the taxi driver.
Next,  Angel Ridlwan  led the priest to a rugged old shack with a bunk bed and a little old television set.
“Wait, I think you are a little mixed up”, said the priest. “Shouldn’t I be the one who gets the mansion? After all I was a priest, went to Mosque every day, and preached God’s word.”
“Yes, that’s true. But during your sermons people slept. When the taxi driver drove, everyone prayed!”

Adapted to Muslim Faith from

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