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Thursday, May 10, 2012


The missing aircraft Well ,since this particular plane was very important for Russia to be able to compete with boeing and the Uropean airbus it may sounds weird but America and Israel has capabilities to bring down anything that flies  at high speed.
The Ronald Reagan star wars weapons of air defence are fully operational  today as i understand Israel was given the same type of protection a laser that can be fired from satellite and other means can destroy several war heads at any given time and my understanding is that even planes have this capability, a secret that most people aparently are not aware of, but with the relationship between Russia and united Stated at this point in time in history  it becomes beleivable as means of descouragement againt competing for the manufacturing of comercial planes and keep the out of the competition plus only God knows how important were the diplomats that were in the plane after All Israel is a master of deception.
A satellite that have the capability to enggage the high speed flying object with laser weapon.

To back this argument, i ( poster)pose a youtobe video that contain US Navy laser weapon shoot down drone in a test, but not from the satellite as close step forward.
check this link

SEARCHLIGHT, Press TV, Comment
This opinion taken from the comments field in respond to sukhoi superjet 100 crash in mysterious mountain salak, Bogor Indonesia with little addition ,; two image embed and a link to youtube which does not change the meaning of the article.
NurKholis Ghufron.

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