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Sunday, April 8, 2012

North Korean Missile Treath: Accurate or Inaccurate Are The Same

After reading the situation and impact by Hormuz straits conflict between US and Iran.
It obviously conveys the message to us about how fragile the world economic nowaday is,
like an egg at the edge of the horn. Every litle vibration can even stimulate the market
to better or worse without any rational reason. This condition make every anlisyst as
fool and put everyone at the place " No Clever " at all. Because neither positive
nor  negative element can give the certain effect to the economic. in short word :
" No Formula Works".
Regarding to the north korean missile. Many analysts of defense doubt about its accuracy to
hit the target. For me, an inccurate missile with nuclear weapon is more danggerous than
accurate one. Imagine if they set one to White House or Pentagon Only, if accurate
it is danggerous too but if it slipped away to New york which have population hits
8.175.133  and now more than this number , of course more danggerous.
Furthemore , the impact of launching itself already become a threat moreover
its travellage to target with or without accuracy as long as loading nuclear weapon as
default weapon ;it come to conclusion:
Accurate or inaccurate are the same.

Opinion by Nur Kholis and Posted by Islam For All

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