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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Astonishing Beauty of Ukraina Woman.

First time i got acquintance with internet , just like other man in the globe,  searching junks, hottest women and other unnecessary stuffs . But However, across those piled up stuffs i was stuck by one thing that makes me always remember all time until now, it was the beauty of Ukraina Woman. I still can not compare their beautifullness instead of saying "nothing compare" to  it.
From that time, i spent much time to register my self to many dating sites as results tonnes of letters sent to my account everytime day and night nearly to amount one hundred women. fantastic number.
What i do not believe is that site always says for free service, but in fact, my replies never be sent again to the women which contacted me firstly. My answers only piled up in sms record but , i thought after i noticed , never be sent to those personals. Finally , the management asked me to upgrade the status to paid service in order to get closer relationship with the woman which i still do not respond.
These photo album belongs to OdessaHoney, as her alias in fortune dating. The Ukraina woman which stole my heart. From this site i call her soul to travel along the continental to come along with her body blessed with destiny of God to break the impossibilities codes lies beneath the heaven to fall into earth manifesting in real life.
But I am married. As moslem; number is not a problem as long as it can be realized, the main thing is accountability. ha ha ..

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