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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Combination of Dropbox and Syncplicity Can Be Best Option.

I admire Dropbox so much in the way it synces through internet connection between some pc. As small bussiness minimarket which locate remote from my home i used to checking the report of marketting , stocks, cash money, and many activities at real time which almost demand the fastness of data transfer. Dropbox is really answer. with litle configuration of dropbox broadband and internet optimizing it even can send from othe location to home in only 2 minute or less time to be changed, synced and lastly read. ( before this configuration, i waited more than 10 minutes to read the updated data changed in remote location)
The problem revealed when I need back up of my data. However i experienced with data loss in dropbox and could not recover.But as a manager i would not blame any programme i use it cause it may lead the employer to mischief this defect as a reason to corrupt. So i just keep silence and going to look for a way to sync data in Pc but outside dropbox (i put 2 data in one pc. One as backup and one again as main data used). I examined five or more alternative to dropbox,  i tested and finnally uninstall them.
But i still stuck at one alternative which i think can works best with dropbox in its simplicity, safety, and fastness. I noticed after a litle examination that may wrong too or right, syncplity is working harmonizely with dropbox, that i never find my data crash or hanged like i experienced in Sugarsync when combinated with dropbox worked good at the beginning but slower and slower at the end hanged at all. (Sorry i mention it but this is secret, please do not tell anybody).
However this posting needs to be tested again and still debatable. I hope someone expert in this field can give some intructions or advises.


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