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Thursday, April 19, 2012

US trains terrorists in Kuwait camps: Report

The United States military has been training terrorists in a military base in Kuwait, preparing them for attacks in the Middle Eastern countries.

The recruits are sent to the “Arifjan” base where they receive military training and learn methods of bombing and terror operations within a three month period, according to reports. 

The US military then sends the trained terrorists as ringleaders to countries such as Iran, Iraq and Syria to set up terror networks inside these countries and embark on terrorist activities and carry out acts of sabotage with the support of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 

The US military is currently in control of large parts of Kuwait and thousands of soldiers who have left Iraq are currently stationed there. The US dispatched some 15,000 troops to Kuwait late last year after withdrawing its forces from Iraq. 

Kuwaiti residents are not allowed to enter these areas without a permit. 
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