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Thursday, April 19, 2012

USA: United Sickstates of America

Almost everyday, We read news about USA , and everyday we receive same message :Bad news ,nothing improves. This country has many complicated sickness and too much problems. This country some years ago(in my view), however , was good state as leaders at almost every field of international affairs . Promoting Human rights was good but now  it differs because  it misleads to "America self intepretation". Promoting Democracy and by all means America pushes many countries to adapt the democracy, it  was good when it went on the right track, unfortunately this good manner becomes legend and gone with the wind. Democracy now must be under America intrepetation, supervision and Will. If a country hold election with even most democratic way in the world but  the country disagree in America agree it would result in "No Democracy". In reverse, a country with poor democracy while he serves the America would result in "Very Good Democracy". The term of democracy localized at the action of serving the  "godfather"s will and pleasure.period.
Recent Hot Issues regarding Iran and Israel . America vulgarily adapts double standart  to intall global law and to enforce anti-terorism. Very clearly that Israel is the only one in the middle east who has the nuclear weapon but to switch the international view, America by all means accused Iran of making nuclear weapon which IAEA already confirmed no nuclear weapon activities revealed.This is disgusting. As Superpower , America should not behave like coward, as police ,should not behave like criminal, as a antiterorism founder behave worsly like terorist it self.
Sooner or later this sick country will come to the end  with or without the prayer of opressed  people as time goes by , as sins committed and as God disobeyed.
Therefore, for me, it goes more relevant that USA is United Sickstates of America.

NurKholis Ghufron.

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