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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Know About the Dangerous Effects of Crack Cocaine on Unborn Fetus

 by Drug Test Strips 

 Cocaine is regarded as one of the most dangerous illicit drugs of abuse throughout the world. According to NSDUH (National Survey on drug Use and Health) 2009, there were about 1.6 million Cocaine users in America. 'Crack' Cocaine is more potent and powerful form of Cocaine. It increases the effects of the drug on the user and is significantly more dangerous than regular Cocaine abuse. An increasing number of people are getting addicted to Crack Cocaine due to its highly addictive nature. Around 94,000 people initiated Crack Cocaine in 2009.

Crack releases a chemical called dopamine from the brain into the body causing the abuser to experience a burst of euphoria. As Crack has large psychological addiction potential, some expectant mothers continue to abuse Crack throughout their pregnancy.

Before Cocain Use and After 

Babies born to mothers who abused Crack Cocaine are predicted to suffer from severe, irreversible damage, which includes reduced intelligence and social skills. Though many people argue that it is a gross exaggeration, some researches are now finding that exposure to Cocaine during fetal development may lead to subtle, yet significant, deficits in some children.

When a pregnant woman abuses crack, it quickly enters her bloodstream and rushes to all parts of her body including to her developing baby. Thus, Crack abuse by mother during pregnancy exposes the baby to dangerous toxins. Mothers abusing Crack, while pregnant are putting their unborn children in terrible danger. The effects of Crack Cocaine are just now beginning to be understood, especially on the unborn fetus. Some of the dangerous effects associated with Crack Cocaine on the unborn fetus include:

Threat on fetus/unborn baby
Crack Cocaine abuse by expecting mothers during pregnancy can affect both the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. It may increase the risk of miscarriage during the early months of pregnancy. It may lead to poor fetal growth, low birth weight, increased risk of birth defects, physical malformations, risk of stroke and heart damage during development.

Low birthweight
During the later months of pregnancy, Crack Cocaine abuse can trigger preterm labor (labor that occurs before 37 weeks of pregnancy). Crack is a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system. It suppresses the mother’s appetite hindering the growth of the fetus. Crack Cocaine exposed babies are more likely to be born with low birthweight (less than 5.5 lb/2.5 kg) compared to unexposed babies. Compared to normal-weight babies, low birthweight babies are 20 times more likely to die in their first month.

Increases life long disabilities
Crack Cocaine exposed babies face an increased risk of lifelong disabilities such as mental retardation and cerebral palsy (lack of oxygen to the brain). Scientists are now finding that exposure to Crack during fetal development may lead to deficits in some aspects of cognitive performance, attention to tasks and information-processing.

Smaller heads leads to smaller brain
Many studies suggest that Crack exposed babies are more prone to birth defects. Crack Cocaine slows fetal growth, and exposed infants tend to born with smaller heads compared to unexposed ones. It also results in reduced fetal length and deformations in the heart and lungs.

Heart defects
Many researches have stated  that babies exposed to Crack are at increased risk of birth defects, which include heart deformalities. Crack causes an unborn baby to have a stroke or a heart attack. Cocaine abuse by mothers during pregnancy is linked with abnormalities in the development of the heart both before and after birth.

Irriversible brain damage
Crack Cocaine's worst damage to the fetus is its effect on the brain. It causes the brain's of both the mother and the fetus to experience the typical surge of dopamine. Since the fetal brain is still in the process of development, this can result in serious psychological addiction, attention deficit disorders, lack of cognitive abilities and developmental problems. Crack's effects on the fetus result in seizures or cerebral palsy.

A pregnant woman needs to lead a healthy life as a new life will be dependant on her. She should  take plenty of nourishing food and get plenty of rest. It is also important for her to avoid anything that might harm her or her baby. Therefore, an expectant mother should abstain from using Crack that could be toxic to her baby.

Crack Cocaine is more potent and powerful form of Cocaine. Babies born to mothers who abused Crack Cocaine are predicted to suffer from severe, irreversible damage, which includes reduced intelligence and social skills.

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