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Sunday, July 8, 2012

SophisticaticMilitary War Between USA vs Iran

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier belongs to United States Navy, is currently the largest and most powerful warships of the world. With a width of 300 meters, the carrier is able to accommodate 5000 personnel and 100 units of aircraft or helicopters. The aircraft carrier capable of carrying out its mission in various parts of the world.

For most of the mass media world, the carrier is a manifestation of superiority and power of the United States and a glimpse of the true opinion. An atomic-powered aircraft carrier that is accompanied by about 15 to 20 ships and submarines that together carry out missions in various parts of the world.

Aegis radar system combined U.S. Navy along with the air shield missiles capable of targeting the default satellite, also 10 super hornet hunter jet unit, Hawk Eye radar aircraft, submarines with atomic force equipped with sonar systems and anti-missile ships, and cruise missiles to destroy targets Tom Hawk on the ground with the ability to cruise up to 2,500 kilometers, it seems unlikely unbeaten.

But there are people who are not fooled by the outside valor and always find a way to break the power through.

Islamic Republic of Iran as a country in the last 30 years has always been at the end of the threat and enmity between the United States, and by continuing to emphasize the defensive principles, the Islamic Republic is trying to warn Americans to take dangerous steps.

One breakthrough in Iran's military industry is Ababil drones, able to record video from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and the video aired reap awe and admiration among the friends and foes.

But apparently, the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran managed to repeat the same action in more distant waters. In 2010 and 2011, surveillance operations on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS George Bush, carried out the mission with success.

Unmanned Aircraft Owned Iran
It seems the plane and super-modern radar system of the United States can not do anything about it by watching the video that  is capable of measuring by the Iranian defense forces in particular drone Ababil.

Meanwhile, Iran managed to destroy the intruder aircraft without crew.

A U.S. drone RQ170 type, the air entering the zone of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the country's eastern border, the military successfully shot down by Iran.

Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran said the U.S. drone zone air to infiltrate the Islamic Republic of Iran through the eastern border had been shot down.

Citing military sources in Iran, the activityof RQ170 was detected  by  the sophisticated radar of Islamic Republic of Iran and the military immediately launched the operation to bring it down intake.

RQ170 unmanned aircraft was flown from Afghanistan to gather information on Iran and Pakistan.

Last January, the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran had dropped two unmanned aircraft to infiltrate the Iranian air zone.

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