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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Song Unsung


So many people have sung so many songs 
But they have not sung the song of You, 
They are all unfortunate deaf and dumb 
They have all forgotten about You 
You are the song unsung 
The intellectuality- the perfect beauty- 
That is one thing men have achieved throughout history. 

Oh! the creator of the song 
I pray to thee- 
To open their mind so wide 
That the cosmos can not hold. 
Make their heart so deep 
That the measure can not fathom it. 
Raise their standard so high 
That the standard stands meaningless. 
Make their voice so loud 
That the eternal silence broken, 
And even then deaf and dump can listen, 
Make their voice so sweet 
So that when they sing the song of you 
Along with stones they will all start crying. 

Oh! the creator of the song 
I pray to thee 
To mingle me with you, 
The most eternal, the most exceptional, 
So tight that the separation is impossible for me. 
If they try to separate the song and the singer 
Make all the things dust 
Make the events of future for ever the events of past. 
If they try to bring down the poet and the poem 
Make all the things a ball of fire 
And for ever, stop the motion of the gyre 
To bring down the final destruction, 
By starting the shrinking and stopping the expansion. 

Oh! the creator of the poem 
I pray to thee 
The perfect 
The beauty 
The truth, the absolute. 
Make me 
Like you. 
And make them too! 
So that we can write of you. 
The greatest song 
The song of the universe. 
The perfect immortality of intellectuality. 

The song itself is about intellectuality, 
and the intellectuality is the perfect beauty, 
the creator of intellectuality can not be imperfect, 
Can He? the three terms 'intellectuality-the perfect beauty and god ' are not separated, they are mingled in one, 
and the poet wants to mingle with Him along with other bards. 
And there is no image created in the poem as it is a post-modern poem. 

Abdul Wahab 

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