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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dropbox Folder Sync simplifies multi-folder syncing

Dropbox Folder Sync simplifies multi-folder syncing

Getting things synced up to your Dropbox cloud storage from your Windows desktop normally means moving other folders inside your My Dropbox folder. That's kind of a pain, and it can really throw a monkeywrench into your workflow.

Junctions are a handy way around the problem, but the average user might not feel messing with them manually. If that's true for you, check out DropBox Folder Sync. It makes use of Sysinternals' Junctionutility to create "phantom" symlink directories and move the originals into your DropBox folder. Right click a folder on your hard drive, choose Sync with Dropbox, and you're done!

For example, I'm moving my C:\Users\Lee\Downloads\Logs folder. DFS will create a symlink so that Windows thinks the Logs folder is still in its original location -- then it will move my Logs folder toC:\Users\Lee\My Dropbox\Logs. Now, no shortcuts or programs looking for that folder will freak out just because it's been relocated.

It's a great little app...But can we please use a font besides Comic Sans in the main program window, fellas?

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