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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The First sermon of Jesus (peace be upon him)

The Phropet Jesus (Peace Be Upon him)
The entire population of Jerusalem is very excited with this news, they all rushed 
to the synagogue to see Jesus (Alaihissalam), which has been in it and praying. 
Synagogue could no longer accommodate them. Therefore, the pastor urged Jesus (Alaihissalam) by saying: 
"All these people want see You and hear (the sound) you: therefore, take into the pulpit, and if God gives you revelation, tell in the name of God" 
Then Jesus (Alaihissalam) climbed the dais where the literati (Ali Torah) ordinary speech, motioned with his hand as a gesture to "holy God Almighty and his mercy  has created his creatures in order to glorify Him. Glory to God who noble all the saints and all prophets before  everything, to send him in order to save the world, as He had said to David: "In front of Lucifer, the bright light of the Saint, I made you." 
"Glory to God who created the holy angels that serve Him. And the almighty holy God who punishes and condemns satan and his followers, who do not want to give respect to whom God wants them to be respected. Glory to God who created man from clay earth and designed it in the works His hand. Glory to God with love, which views tears of Adam and Eva, the first elders of mankind. Glory to God justly punishes Cain who killed his own brother, who sent a flood on the earth. 
The burning of three wicked city, which imposes a disaster to Egypt and destroyed Pharaoh at the Red sea, which scatters the enemies of His messengers, who punishes those who do not want to repent. Glory to God who pours full love to all creatures, and  He that sent the  holy prophet to them so that they are in the path of truth and virtue: to protect His servants from every evil and inheritance this earth to them as He promised to our elders to Abraham and his children. Then through His servant Moses, he bestowed us His holy law so that Satan can not deceive us: and He glorify us beyond all creatures  " 
But my brothers, what do we do now so we will not be punished for the sins of ours? 
Gospel of Barnabas 

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