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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Honor your Mother!

What is interesting about the story of Harry Potter? 
children's novel has been filmed had slipped an interesting and touching scene: the power of maternal love.Voldemort - the most feared Dark wizard - suddenly lost all its power when it wants to murder a baby, having previously managed to finish off the baby's parents. Mystical world into an uproar over the witch's defeat. In fact, until the moments before his death, his mother is still trying to save Harry Potter when still the baby. 
Power of the love of a mother, even though the mother had died, been able to protect the child from harm. 
Apart from the story of Harry Potter, did you ever calculate how many liters of rice and what kind of food that has been cooked
 by a mother to her child, how many feet have been in-floor broom and mopped by a mother, how many   silence nights passed  by the mother when awake to his son, how many times the mother raised her hands when praying, and how much water flow when the bow eye of happiness and safety of their children pray. The mother has for years turned into a nurse for the disease coughs, colds, flu, smallpox, or just a leg wound from the fall. 
When a friend of the Prophet  circumambulating the Kaaba while carrying his old mother, he asked the Honorable Prophet , "Have i paid off all her hard work?" 
Glorious Apostle replied, "No!, Even to match the pain in childbirth was not paid off you!" 
In another language, if, again, suppose you have a mountain of gold and then you give it all along with all your other treasures  to replace all that has been done by a mother, surely that's not able to pay one night only moments of mother take care of you. It is never "enough", "off", "paid off" to return the love of a mother. 
We are disobedient to the mother if the mother lived in a small and leaked here and there, while we live in a comfortable place; we are sinful when we enjoyed a delicious lunch and full of nutrients while at other place our mother consuming only modest ; we are  sin when calculating the cost of school children and therefore avoid buying drugs for the mother who was sick, we considered the prodigal son when we are able to picnic or a walk with his wife, but always have an excuse not to visit or stay in touch to the mother (or a pilgrimage to his grave when the mother was dead).Do not use logic to submissive to the mother. Reply love with love. Why? Because "God lies in the pleasure parents's pleasure," that's our religion. 
How can we share our love for family, work, and also for the mother? The answer is: we never share love, but we always multiply. Greet the power of love the mother of the sincerity of our love; God willing - as illustrated in the story of Harry Potter at the top - love the mother will continue to protect our lives. 
As the prophet isa (Jesus , Peace be upon him)  when the people at that time was about to ask for clarification about his status to st Mary about the prophet Jesus, God Almighty said: 
32. and He (God) order me (jesus infant)  kind to my mother, and He does not make me a damned arrogant. 
The Dialogue when Jesus still infant was not recorded in ancient books of the Gospel or other book, because the Quran is the word of God's miracles , it recorded incidences of overt and hidden, this revelation (when Jesus answered the people)   pointsthat Jesus was blessed because of the prayer of a mother  (in this case ; St. Mary)... because he was human beings like us who need blessing and prayers of others, especially his mother called Mary, and later on the day of Judgement, he , Jesus, also will  stand up on makhsyar field with the other men and women nudily waiting for the decision of Allah almighty for questioning him about why humans worship him, whether he told those people to do so or others who manipulate the revelation. Yes he certainly will be questioned and he is definitely going to answer the following as to which the Word of God in the Quran "Al Maidah paragraph 116 

116. And (remember) when Allah said: "O Jesus son of Mary, is there anything you tell a man:" Take me and my mother two gods besides Allah?. "Jesus replied:" Glory to Thee, not for me to say what I have no right ( say). If I had said then surely Thou knowest what is in me and I do not know what that is in thee. Thou art the Knower of the unseen-unseen matter. " 
hopefully with a service to both our parents make us blessed by God, not a priest, not the prophets nor the sacred and holy place to get to the mother we will find blessing..but here or there close to you lied that blessing palace...a mother

"O Lord, forgive our sins and the sins of our parents, and spare them, as they have loved us as a child" 
Alllahummaighfirlanazunubana waliwaa lidaynaawarkhamhumakama robbayaanashighoro 

adapted by NurKholis from Nadirsyah hosein.

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