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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Natural Dating vs. Matchmaking Brief: basic methods for men & women – advantages and disadvantages in a SWOT list

Ironically, matchmaking is the oldest way to marriage. Sage women or parents have done it since the dawn of humanity. Deliberate choice of life partner has grown into “Western” and “Russian” custom in c. XX, and still relies on social proof. Pondering on current divorce rates and the tragic vibe of known love stories, does third party assistance make sense? Let’s rationally weigh all pro’s and con’s (pun unintended…)
  • Spontaneous encounter – it’s like lottery
  • Clubs and social networking – it’s like swapping on occasion
  • Free online dating – it’s like “flea market” of artworks and fakes
  • Marriage agencies & brokers – commodity exchange, or bespoke investment?
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