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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The EU embargo As A Decisive Examination For Iran.

Huge crowd in Tehran welcome Imam Khomeini in 1979

The last but not the least. Examination and brunt of adversity after another has been passed by the Iranian nation valiantly since the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran that led  Imam Khomeini to return home after being in exile for 14 years waiting for the chance to overthrow the Shah's authoritarian governments in power in Iran at that time. The victory of Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979 was a source of envy that the United States and its allies in the future then continually make every effort to test the Iranian nation with various pressures. Trials took place continuously without stopping until now, triumph and defeat after another. The victory became ammunition for the next victory while being failand loose  used for introspection, consolidation and reposition without changing or switching the orientation against the hegemony of America and its allies.

Iran-Iraq War

War against Iraq for 8 years which is fully supported by the west that therefore Iraq Regime got almost unlimited supply of sophisticated weapons to the break after an exhausting struggle and civilian casualties of millions of lives. Iran has 'neutralized' the famous army of Saddam Hussein's cruel and sadistic.
Iran's success in reducing the rate of force of Saddam's troop bears back fire that  terminated  the war with the status according to Western analysts was 'draw' and a 'victory' for supporters of Iran. But strangely, although they assessed Iran did not win the war , West considers the mission to carry out the 'termination' over this Mullahs country was 'incompleted' and still ought to be followed up with a possible operation not less confrontational than  Tabaz   operation tha full of failure because the "invisible hand" of God's help the Iranian nation by changing the climate around the landing chopters.
Embargo against Iran that began around 1978 is evidence of a never-ending mission that  in order to destroy this country.
Today,  took effective, dated July 1, 2012 we have witnessed with our eyes the existence of a global conspiracy led by the United States by rolling the Iranian oil embargo  totality of the European Union and of course the master, the United States with a nationwide  .This is  full speed (borrowing Hollywood film) of  enmity againt Iran compared with the past.

Iran "alone" again, but not alone means looses.

Should we  assessed with fair and proportional, in fact : US often got lost rather than win the confrontation against Iran in the past. As a superpower, it was not deserved to be called as a winner  to leave for home the mission in Tabaz  called "Eagle Claw" in order to rescue the hostages in Tehran. Hostages at the end released through tough negotiations with Algerian mediation after 444 days wait. Poor Americans!!. As a superpower, does not deserve to be called the winner by leading almost half of the earth to fight the country that almost could be called alone.  if supported, Iran only 'accompanied' by Hezbollah and Hamas are in fact not the state but militant factions, thus neighboring Iran Countries were able to be conquered by the US with a variety of cowboy-style attacks, persuasion, deception and seduction to conduct hostilities against Iran  although they actually do it a half-hearted.
Embargo this time represent decisive examination for Iran, if Iran is able to go through this one . Then we should pin "The soul of winners" on this nation that knows no surrender in defending the country againt US hegemonity and its allies, while  Russian  the much more powerful than  Iran nowaday unable to compete with American , arms, courage, diplomacy and the number of friends in the arena of world hegemonity.

The fight is  an evidence that 'David' can beat  'Goliath' is not a figment of legend in the ancient book of history or that have  passed which the sheets of book has been closed , nowadays, in a very advanced age in which we live, we  can also watch this kind of fight that's  not less spectacular than these stories in the past.
Should Iran  win,  we do not  surprise because the Prophet Muhammad in his speech has suggested that although all human beings come together to provide harm to anyone but God willed the benefits then any attempt to harm would be turned into benefits. Embargo against Iran has been proven to make Iran a nation united, independent, advanced, resilient, strong and modern. I doubt Iran can become as we see today if no continuous hostility fromUnited States and its allies imposed. The nation that turns every negative to positive is the the winner, the nation that turns every positive to positive is average and the nation that turns every positive to negative is the looser. I Think Iran nowadays for sure chooses the first class, The one which turns everything negative to positives...but the question is where US position was , is and will be??.
You know the answer better than me.
Do you know if this huge  embargo takes effectively. It will  force Iranian oil to take break and Iranian oil drilling wells must be closed which instead become the safest natural reservoir  compared to the giants tangkers in Iranian deserts. And because the rocks are going to secure Iran's oil reserves in natural way. While those Iranian built-giant-tangkers on  my opinion,  doubtfully for me can withstand missile attacks and extreme climate changes that may burns the oil in storage .
On the other hand , Arab states that are very 'loyal'  to his master: US, will boost oil production to meet market demand . Mathematically counted by engginers in charge , oil stocks in the earth for example will last 25 years could swell to 30 years if the oil suction  gradually and controlled , cause younger fossils may grow mature and join the stock, but if it pumped out  roughly, stock may shortenes just to 10 years old because the presence of younger fossils which have not been ripe . It means sudden running out of oil will happen and also because oil stocks will also be subject to the laws of relativity ...yes relativity as "David vs. Goliath".
Who knows.

Nurkholis Ghufron

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