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Sunday, May 27, 2012

12 Reasons Why International, particularly Russian-American Marriages Can Fail

Just one Google dig into Runet (Russian-language Internet) for mere stats on international divorce rate brought 34 600 sites and pages of serious research and personal experiences… Here are some molecules of this information, rather representative of the whole substance.
1. Same factors that cause local divorces. (Separate post)
2. Lack of mutual love, which makes the following love-undermining problems totally unbearable.
If I had to save some generations by one sentence, I’d say: The gravest matrimonial mistake is to follow the desire of Marriage As Such rather than of a lifetime with This Very Person. Intending “to marry a nationality”, men and women are particularly challenged to discern whether there’s true personal attraction with deepening interest between them - or is it their quest that urges to complete the demanding mission with a suitable candidate.
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