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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Never Trouble Trouble Till Trouble Troubles You

Irwandi Guchi
Ust.Irwandi Gucci
I have learned this quote twenty years ago or more. Every time my english teacher mr Irwandi Ghuchi entered my class, he was obliged ( I thought) to insert the wise word among the regular lesson to enhance the spirit of the student.
One of the quote that still remind in my heart for years is “Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you ,it only double trouble and troubles others too”
I still do not understand the meaning of  it until i googled in the search engine to verify the true meaning. The fact that suddenly shocked me was that even the english man still was not sure the meaning of this quote, so i choose the best from the pile  of  ideas across the articles that i can rely upon it .
It says ” this means that do not chase the trouble till trouble chases you.Do not get involved with the trouble , let it go wherever it wants to go, do not touch it untill it really touchs you”
This wise word is very relevant to our daily life. How many people suffer from bunch of adversaries because of  what he did the past ?? How many people plunge into the valley of misery because of  avenging  the trouble that if we let it go nothing would harm us. How  many divorces in family because we pay too much intention to small thing that we do not even discuss  the big one before marriage??
So let say “never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you”

Nurkholis Ghufron

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